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Hawaii Package Rental Cars

All rental cars have automatic transmission and air conditioning. You may select a car from any of the following car types:

・Economy 4 Door
・Compact 4 Door
・Midsize 4 Door
・Fullsize 4 Door
・Luxury 4 Door
・7 Passenger Mini Van
・4-Wheel Drive

You must be at least 21 years of age, and have a valid driver’s license to rent a Dollar car. If you do not have a major credit card, a cash deposit will be required. You must pay Dollar directly for gas, overtime hours, additional driver charge, under age 25 rental surcharge, optional insurance coverage, additional days over your original reservation period, and any drop-off charges.

Cruise Lines International Association

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Cruise Values

Everyday cruise operators flood the fax machines at Bolack with news of their latest specials. These are cruises that are offered at outstanding values that go unpublished and, all too often, unnoticed. At Bolack Total Travel, we want to make sure that you know about all of the latest cruise bargains, so here we will showcase all of the specials as they roll off the fax! Take a look at these outstanding specials, and, as always, we are sure that you will find that Bolack will offer more value for your travel dollar than anyone else! These specials were last updated on Monday, October 6, 1997.

Bolack’s exclusive Cruise Finder database

Bolack’s exclusive Cruise Finder database allows you to browse thousands of cruise specials that match your personal interests! Search Cruise Finder by cruise line and ship, cruise type, sailing date, cruise length, ports of call or price. No other resource we’re aware of puts as much current information at your fingertips!


Hawaii Activities,Attractions&Tours

Snorkel & Sail: “Body Glove”

・Continental Breakfast & Deli-style Lunch
・Snorkel Gear & Instruction Provided
・Sailing on a 55 ft. Trimaran
・Ice Cold Soft Drinks & Beer

Kona Sportfishing: “Hanamana”

・Private or Share Charters Available
・6 Passenger Maximum Per Charter
・No License Required
・ All Equipment Provided

Hawaiian Oceanfront Luau: “Island Breeze Luau”

・Lei Greeting, Imu Ceremony
・All you Can Eat Traditional Buffet
・Full Open Bar and Mai Tais
・ Oceanfront in the Heart of Kailua-Kona

Horseback Riding: “Waipio on Horseback”

・Inside Beautiful Waipio Valley
・View Black Sand Beaches
・See 1200 ft. Majestic Waterfalls
・Ride Through Rivers

See the Active Volcano: “Papillon Helicopters”

・Free Video With Every Flight
・Luxury Astar Helicopters for Speed and Viewing
・Hover Over Flowing Lava
・Call For Latest Lava Update & Reservations

Parasail Kona: “Kona Watersports”

・Take Off & Land Directly From the Boat
・Your Friends Observe From Below
・6 Person Maximum Per Boat
・Fly up to 600 ft. High

Submarine Dives: “Atlantis Submarines”

・Thousands of Tropical Fish
・Brightly Colored Coarl Reefs
・Large Viewing Ports
・Full Narration
・Air-Conditioned Comfort

Flight See the Volcano: “Big Island Adventures”

・Large Viewing Ports
・Air-Conditioned Comfort
・Depart From Convenient Kona Airport
・Least Expensive Way to View the Volcano

Helicopter Guide:

1Volcano Special: 35 minute overview flight of the Active Volcano and the destruction surrounding it.
2Volcano Deluxe: 45 minute flight covering the Active Volcano, lava entering sea. (lava flow permitting)
3Hilo Deluxe: 65 minute detailed flight including everything above and eastside valleys and waterfalls.
4Waikoloa Deluxe: Fly the Volcano, Kohala Coast, Waimea, coastline-seacliffs, lush valleys and waterfalls.

Custom Designed Vacations In America’s Tropical Paradise

There’s never been a better time to visit the Hawaii! The islands are lovely and uncrowded and prices have never been lower! These are selected accommodations offered by Hawaii Total Travel. Bolack Total Travel has been making traveler’s dreams of Hawaii come true for the last 55 years. Our Hawaii Total Travel packages are designed to fit your independent spirit. We know you have your own ideas and special needs, so we offer you complete flexibility in planning your trip. You may choose:

・Special discounted airfares from most U.S. cities
・Any length of stay on any number of islands
・Any departure day
・ Sightseeing tours, helicopter rides, and much more!

Unlike other travel packages you might see, there are no required purchases of lei greetings, transportation, or activities. You pay only for the features you want.

This is really wonderful as people do want different things from their holiday.
For some people they like the chance to relax in their room reading a
book or playing some poker, for
others it is all about being active and seeing and doing everything. Now
you have the chance to have that dream holiday with our custom designed
vacations. What are you waiting for, get in touch now to plan your trip.

Travel Inquiry Page

Did you find the vacation you were looking for? Or maybe you didn’t see exactly what you were looking for and would like some help in making your travel arrangements. Whatever the case, just complete the form below, and send it to us by clicking on the “Submit” button at the bottom. The request will be sent on to us via e-mail, and one of our travel consultants will research the request and contact you with the details. There is NO OBLIGATION, so give us a try. You will find that Bolack Total Travel offers more value for your travel dollar than anyone else! If your browser does not support forms, or you would rather speak with a travel consultant personally, you may phone us at 1-800-235-7172.

Providing the information below will enable one of our travel experts to research your request and come up with the best options for you. Once that information is ready, the travel consultant would like to call you to share the information. A phone call will ensure that your service is quick, personal, and efficient. The travel consultant can answer all of your questions and present all of the options available to you. Also, because the best rates are always based on availability, a quick phone call can make a difference in making sure you get the best prices before they disappear… (This information is kept confidential and will not be used for further marketing purposes.) Thank you, and we look forward to speaking with you soon!

Bolack Cyber port

Puerto Rico lies 995 mi/1,600 km southeast of Miami. It’s actually several islands. The largest, also named Puerto Rico, is rectangular in shape and about 95 mi/153 km long by 36 mi/58 km wide. Its terrain is among the most varied in the region – rugged mountains rise in the middle, quiet beaches edge the northern and eastern shores (which are lapped by the Atlantic Ocean) while in parts of the southwest, beaches give way to steep cliffs that plummet into the Caribbean Sea.
Christopher Columbus sighted Puerto Rico in 1493. Fifteen years later, Spain chose Ponce de Leon, the seeker of the Fountain of Youth, to be the island’s first governor. The original inhabitants, the Taino Indians, rebelled against the Spanish, but their uprising only resulted in the decimation of their population. For four centuries, Spain used the island as its gateway to the New World, defending it against assaults from the English, the French and the Dutch. In 1898, during the Spanish-American War, they met their match: The U.S. Army landed on the southern side of the island. Puerto Rico was formally awarded to the U.S.

Puerto Rico was declared a commonwealth and its residents granted U.S. citizenship in 1917. However, residents don’t have every right enjoyed by their mainland cousins. For instance, they don’t get to vote in U.S. presidential elections. And they remain divided about whether they want Puerto Rico to become the 51st state.

Industrial development, initiated as part of the U.S. government’s Operation Bootstrap program in the 1940s, has brought pharmaceutical and high-tech companies – as well as prosperity – to Puerto Rico. It now has one of the highest standards of living in the Caribbean. Of course, progress has had its downside, particularly in San Juan: more traffic, more pollution, more crime – all the problems common to urban areas.