Bolack Total Travel Academy

Welcome to the Bolack Total Travel Academy. Congratulations on considering a travel career! Travel is one of today’s most exciting and dynamic fields. Opportunities and challenges abound. And Bolack Total Travel Academy can help you meet those challenges and make those opportunities work for you.

Since its founding in 1957, Bolack Total Travel has been a leader in the travel industry. Its dedication to maintaining the highest standards of professional service while delivering the broadest selection of travel products has earned it an unmatched reputation for excellence. Today it is widely regarded as the business travel agency in New Mexico.

Over nine years ago, responding to a critical need for well-trained, well-qualified men and women to fill the increasing demands of a rapidly growing industry, Bolack established Bolack Total Travel Academy. Today the Academy is New Mexico’s most widely-acclaimed travel school, with its graduates counted among the industry’s most sought-after professionals.

No other travel school in New Mexico can match the Academy’s resources. It boasts the most experienced faculty , the most advanced equipment, the most up-to-date reference materials and the most comprehensive curriculum available anywhere. Our staff of outstanding teachers are all professionally certified. But they are more: they are successful working professionals, with over 100 combined years of day-to-day travel industry experience. As such, they are uniquely qualified to instruct students in travel theory and practice and to train students in computer operations.

The Academy’s curriculum has been developed and modified to give students a thorough introduction to standard industry practice. The travel industry is fast-paced and ever-changing; keeping up with the newest “standard” practices and adjusting to the newest trends is a continuing challenge. To meet the challenge, the Academy faculty consult with a wide variety of industry professionals whose input is regularly incorporated into the curriculum, assuring that Academy graduates will be abreast of the latest industry developments when they begin their careers .

The Academy offers over 150 hours of classroom work and additional take-home work. The classroom work consists of 50 hours of instruction in basic travel theory, 90 hours hands-on training in airline computer operation and 10 hours of internship work. Students receive their training using a live computer system (the same system used by all Bolack agents and by many travel agents around the country), and they work on individually assigned terminals. The Academy is the only travel school in New Mexico that provides such intensive training; it is also the only school that allows – even encourages – students to put in additional practice time on their computers. For student use, the Academy classroom is open during business hours whenever class is not in session.

Each Bolack Total Travel Academy class is limited to 18 students. The class is intentionally limited to ensure personalized and individualized instruction.

The Academy’s facility is located on the upper floor of Bolack Total Travel’s agency offices at 6916 Montgomery Blvd. NE in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It is without question the finest facility in New Mexico. From their first day at the school, Academy students are surrounded by agents, executives and support staff carrying on the daily business of running a travel agency. If students want to know what it’s really like to work in the travel industry, all they have to so is look and listen.

A travel career presents unique challenges, but it also offers unique rewards. Enrolling today in Bolack Total Travel Academy could be your first step toward a fascinating career. It could also be the start of an exciting, life-long adventure.

Need some expert Hawaii advise?

We’ve been helping discerning travelers with their Hawaii vacation plans since 1946. We know where to find the best scenery, the best beaches, the best accommodations and, most importantly, the best deals! Whether your a seasoned visitor to the islands or a “first-timer”, we’d be delighted to answer your questions. Give us a call.

Sipapu Lodge & Ski Area

Season Dates: December 15 – End of March

Lift Ticket Prices:
Adult/All Lifts – $27.00 — Adult/Half-Day – $19.00
Child/All Lifts – $20.00 — Child/Half-Day – $15.00
Small Lift Only (Adult or Child) – $10.00
Senior Citizen (65-69) – $20.00
Senior Citizen (70 & over) – FREE
Child (5 & under) – FREE

Nestled in the mountains on the banks of the Rio Pueblo, Sipapu provides a comfortable, affordable haven for a relaxing vacation. Our mountain location brings cool breezes during the summer, clear crisp air for fall hiking and backpacking, and powder skiing in the winter. Sipapu, located 22 miles northeast of Taos, is the oldest ski area in northern New Mexico, has the shortest lift lines, and is the most affordable.

Southwest Total Travel

We at Bolack Total Travel know the Southwest in a way that few others know it. We have outstanding Southern Rockies skiing in our front yard and the historic Plaza of Santa Fe in our back yard! We know New Mexico and we know the Southwest. We know how to get you here, and what you want to see once you’re here. Southwest Total Travel is designed to show you what this region of the U.S. has to offer. We plan to add MUCH MORE to this site, so check back with us often to see updates including additional hotel and restaurant directories for Albuquerque, Taos, and even more information on Santa Fe. Destination? Southwest!

Aston Maui Banyan (condo)

Located near the heart of Kihei, across the street from Kamaole beach II, a great swimming and snorkeling beach park. Walking distance to shopping and restaurants. Each room features a fully equipped kitchen, washer/dryer and lanai. Also on property is a complimentary tennis court, activities desk, and 2 recreational pavillions – each with a pool, jet spa and BBQ grills.

Aston Maui Kaanapali Villas (condo/hotel)

This condo/hotel is surrounded by 11 acres of flowering gardens and verdant green lawns directly on Kaanapali Beach. Accommodations are spacious and include refrigerators in hotel rooms and complete kitchens in the studios and one bedrooms. This resort has 3 swimming pools. You’ll enjoy condominium convenience and privacy, plus hotel services.

Embassy Vacation Resort – Poipu Point

Located on the sunny south shore of Kauai, this condo sits amidst 22 acres of lush tropical gardens. Unique amenities include the lagoon pool with its own man-made sand beach. Other fearutes include complimentary Kauai-style Continental breakfast, a fitness center with steam and sauna baths, and hydra spa. Each suite has a private lanai, fully equipped gourmet kitchen and washer/dryer and oversized bath. Preferential tennis rates and golf rates available to guests.

Bolack Cyber port

Puerto Rico lies 995 mi/1,600 km southeast of Miami. It’s actually several islands. The largest, also named Puerto Rico, is rectangular in shape and about 95 mi/153 km long by 36 mi/58 km wide. Its terrain is among the most varied in the region – rugged mountains rise in the middle, quiet beaches edge the northern and eastern shores (which are lapped by the Atlantic Ocean) while in parts of the southwest, beaches give way to steep cliffs that plummet into the Caribbean Sea.
Christopher Columbus sighted Puerto Rico in 1493. Fifteen years later, Spain chose Ponce de Leon, the seeker of the Fountain of Youth, to be the island’s first governor. The original inhabitants, the Taino Indians, rebelled against the Spanish, but their uprising only resulted in the decimation of their population. For four centuries, Spain used the island as its gateway to the New World, defending it against assaults from the English, the French and the Dutch. In 1898, during the Spanish-American War, they met their match: The U.S. Army landed on the southern side of the island. Puerto Rico was formally awarded to the U.S.

Puerto Rico was declared a commonwealth and its residents granted U.S. citizenship in 1917. However, residents don’t have every right enjoyed by their mainland cousins. For instance, they don’t get to vote in U.S. presidential elections. And they remain divided about whether they want Puerto Rico to become the 51st state.

Industrial development, initiated as part of the U.S. government’s Operation Bootstrap program in the 1940s, has brought pharmaceutical and high-tech companies – as well as prosperity – to Puerto Rico. It now has one of the highest standards of living in the Caribbean. Of course, progress has had its downside, particularly in San Juan: more traffic, more pollution, more crime – all the problems common to urban areas.

Santa Fe Ski Area

Sitting 7000 feet high, Santa Fe reaches for its clear blue skies and is grounded in a cityscape of adobe browns. And just above, the 12,000 foot mountain peaks circle this high desert city. History and tri-cultural traditions, Spanish architecture and a sun-drenched landscape still shape the lives and set the clock for Santa Feans- from a 400 year old Plaza to ancient Pueblos. In a universe of museums, performing arts centers, galleries, craft shops and distinctive dining places, the present continues to move in harmony with the past. Looking up to the Ski Area’s 10,350 foot base with a vertical rise of another 1650 feet, you can see the beginning of a skiing experience you will never forget!

International Travel

Before you set out on an international trip, be sure to investigate the visa requirements of the host country. Do not assume you can take care of these things as you travel. Write to the Consumer Information Center, Dept. 371B, Pueblo, CO 81009 to request Foreign Entry Requirements, a State Department document that outlines visa and entry requirements for every country and includes foreign embassy phone numbers. Enclose 50 cents with your request to cover copying.

Traveling With Children

Keep a color picture of your child’s face in your purse or wallet in case he or she gets lost in a crowded airport or shopping area.

The air in a fully-pressurized airliner is about the same as the atmosphere at 8,000 feet. That’s why your ears pop when you fly. Kids may not know how to equalize the pressure in their ears. Yawning, swallowing and chewing gum can help avoid potentially severe pain. Blocking the nostrils and blowing very gently can also help. If your baby starts crying shortly after take off, this may be the problem. A teething ring or pacifier might help. Avoid air travel with very young children who have head colds.

Different airlines have slightly varying regulations about children flying alone but the following apply almost universally:

・Children must be at least five years old to fly alone.
・The airline must be informed at the time reservations are made that there will be a child flying alone.
・An “unaccompanied minor” form must be completed at check in.
・The airline will insure that the child is watched over by adults, even if there are plane changes.
・The party picking up the child must have identification verifying that he or she is the pick-up person listed with the airline.
・ Children flying alone pay full adult fares.