Bolack Total Travel Academy

Welcome to the Bolack Total Travel Academy. Congratulations on considering a travel career! Travel is one of today’s most exciting and dynamic fields. Opportunities and challenges abound. And Bolack Total Travel Academy can help you meet those challenges and make those opportunities work for you.

Since its founding in 1957, Bolack Total Travel has been a leader in the travel industry. Its dedication to maintaining the highest standards of professional service while delivering the broadest selection of travel products has earned it an unmatched reputation for excellence. Today it is widely regarded as the business travel agency in New Mexico.

Over nine years ago, responding to a critical need for well-trained, well-qualified men and women to fill the increasing demands of a rapidly growing industry, Bolack established Bolack Total Travel Academy. Today the Academy is New Mexico’s most widely-acclaimed travel school, with its graduates counted among the industry’s most sought-after professionals.

No other travel school in New Mexico can match the Academy’s resources. It boasts the most experienced faculty , the most advanced equipment, the most up-to-date reference materials and the most comprehensive curriculum available anywhere. Our staff of outstanding teachers are all professionally certified. But they are more: they are successful working professionals, with over 100 combined years of day-to-day travel industry experience. As such, they are uniquely qualified to instruct students in travel theory and practice and to train students in computer operations.

The Academy’s curriculum has been developed and modified to give students a thorough introduction to standard industry practice. The travel industry is fast-paced and ever-changing; keeping up with the newest “standard” practices and adjusting to the newest trends is a continuing challenge. To meet the challenge, the Academy faculty consult with a wide variety of industry professionals whose input is regularly incorporated into the curriculum, assuring that Academy graduates will be abreast of the latest industry developments when they begin their careers .

The Academy offers over 150 hours of classroom work and additional take-home work. The classroom work consists of 50 hours of instruction in basic travel theory, 90 hours hands-on training in airline computer operation and 10 hours of internship work. Students receive their training using a live computer system (the same system used by all Bolack agents and by many travel agents around the country), and they work on individually assigned terminals. The Academy is the only travel school in New Mexico that provides such intensive training; it is also the only school that allows – even encourages – students to put in additional practice time on their computers. For student use, the Academy classroom is open during business hours whenever class is not in session.

Each Bolack Total Travel Academy class is limited to 18 students. The class is intentionally limited to ensure personalized and individualized instruction.

The Academy’s facility is located on the upper floor of Bolack Total Travel’s agency offices at 6916 Montgomery Blvd. NE in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It is without question the finest facility in New Mexico. From their first day at the school, Academy students are surrounded by agents, executives and support staff carrying on the daily business of running a travel agency. If students want to know what it’s really like to work in the travel industry, all they have to so is look and listen.

A travel career presents unique challenges, but it also offers unique rewards. Enrolling today in Bolack Total Travel Academy could be your first step toward a fascinating career. It could also be the start of an exciting, life-long adventure.


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