Custom Designed Vacations In America’s Tropical Paradise

There’s never been a better time to visit the Hawaii! The islands are lovely and uncrowded and prices have never been lower! These are selected accommodations offered by Hawaii Total Travel. Bolack Total Travel has been making traveler’s dreams of Hawaii come true for the last 55 years. Our Hawaii Total Travel packages are designed to fit your independent spirit. We know you have your own ideas and special needs, so we offer you complete flexibility in planning your trip. You may choose:

・Special discounted airfares from most U.S. cities
・Any length of stay on any number of islands
・Any departure day
・ Sightseeing tours, helicopter rides, and much more!

Unlike other travel packages you might see, there are no required purchases of lei greetings, transportation, or activities. You pay only for the features you want.

This is really wonderful as people do want different things from their holiday.
For some people they like the chance to relax in their room reading a
book or playing some poker, for
others it is all about being active and seeing and doing everything. Now
you have the chance to have that dream holiday with our custom designed
vacations. What are you waiting for, get in touch now to plan your trip.


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